Unlocking Opportunity in Bolivia

When we decided that our year-end fundraiser would feature Bolivia, I couldn’t help but be both excited and a bit nervous about what traveling to rural Bolivia would be like. The country is huge, mountainous, and rugged.

As with any country we work in, rural isolation in Bolivia isn’t simple, it’s complex and at times, lonely — it presents challenges that are unlike the ones we face in Uganda and Rwanda. So, we decided that this year-end fundraiser would look a bit different than years past – we portrayed rural isolation on Bolivia’s terms.

To do that, we focused on one community – San Pedro de Buena Vista and one family. Over four days, we got to know the community and they got to know us. San Pedro de Buena Vista is a beautiful, vibrant town that is isolated between two canyons. To get there, we drove for hours over, between, and around mountains on a very thin, windy road to finally arrive.

We worked closely with Miguel and Guadalupe’s family, whom we’ve featured throughout this campaign. They welcomed us into their home, cooked for us, and shared their stories of isolation turned to connection. Seeing isolation through their eyes in an intimate, personal way was life-changing and I look forward to returning one day to the people of San Pedro de Buena Vista.



Bridges to Prosperity Marketing & Communications Manager

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