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In a time of isolation, connection means everything.

These are difficult times. Fear, anxiety, and loneliness creep in on our attempts to maintain some sort of normalcy and routine. We have to plan to access critical resources, like food, and we worry about the availability of healthcare when we or our families might need it. Stops at the grocery store to “just pick […]

Unlocking Opportunity in Bolivia

When we decided that our year-end fundraiser would feature Bolivia, I couldn’t help but be both excited and a bit nervous about what traveling to rural Bolivia would be like. The country is huge, mountainous, and rugged. As with any country we work in, rural isolation in Bolivia isn’t simple, it’s complex and at times, […]

Imagine risking everything to receive an education…

Imundu is a seven-year-old girl who lives in rural Rwanda. She leaves home at 6:00 am to go to school with her dad. On their walk to school, they cross a river. Until last year, Imundu and her father would wade through the river, and if it was flooded, they would turn around, missing out […]

Bridges to Prosperity Announced as Million Lives Club Member

Bridges to Prosperity is honored to announce that we have been selected as an official member of the Million Lives Club, an initiative that celebrates innovators and social entrepreneurs who are scaling impact in improving the lives of those living on less than $5 a day. The Million Lives Club is comprised of three cohorts […]

A Milestone Inauguration: The First Scaling Bridge is Open!

As we begin our scaling efforts in Rwanda, our team in-country is working hard to finish 2019 strong. On October 3, Bridges to Prosperity, together with the Government of Rwanda, inaugurated the first of 355 bridges that will connect the entire country’s rural last mile. The 42-meter Gashyushya Suspension Bridge in the Muhanga District of […]

Power of Connection

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Guest Post: Empowering Women Through Building Trailbridges

Author: Erin James, P.E.   Upon hearing of the opportunity to build a bridge in 2015, I was enthralled with the sheer wildness of the adventure. Not only would I be traveling to Africa with people I never met before, but I also would have the chance to be part of something completely unlike anything […]

RSVP: The Power of Connection – Rwanda

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Staff Spotlight: Mariale Rodriguez

Mariale was born to build bridges, both literal and metaphorical. She not only is extremely talented at what she does professionally, but her magnetic personality draws people to her. Mariale recently relocated from Panama, where she managed B2P’s program there, to Cochabamba, Bolivia. She now works as Bridges to Prosperity’s Industry Coordinator, which means she […]