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Program Countries

A strategic focus in East Africa

Bridges to Prosperity's current efforts are centered in East Africa due to a compelling mix of need (with millions living in rural isolation due to impassable rivers), existing interest from national governments to invest, the region’s track record of safety and stability of leadership, and B2P’s long-standing relationships in the region. B2P currently has scaled programs in Rwanda and Ethiopia, a growing program with strong government leadership in Uganda, an emerging needs assessment effort in Kenya, and is in the process of launching a new program in Zambia, representing an expansion into Central Africa.


Rwanda represents B2P’s first scaled program and is currently in the second phase of an MOU with the national government to address rural access throughout the country. Under a 5-year MoU with several national-level ministries, B2P works with district governments in a reimbursement model to construct trail bridges across the country. B2P is partnering with a team of researchers to study the impacts of connectivity provided by B2P trail bridges in the rural context through a first-of-its-kind RCT study, which is currently underway. Under this program, B2P and the Government of Rwanda have completed more than 200 bridges that serve nearly 800,000 people.


In Uganda, we are partnering with the Ministry of Works and Transport to test the country coalition approach, organizing stakeholders to define the gaps in the rural access system and design a plan to address them. This work will begin with a three-year pilot phase, under which the group will determine coalition structure and governance, test an integrated asset management system, adapt community-led rural development models, and pilot new intervention designs and rehabilitation strategies for the full rural transport system. Through this program, we have cleared 10% of the rehab backlog in 4 districts, and 100% of the required new culverts, bridges, and hillside ladders have been constructed in 4 districts.


The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has provided a generous grant supporting a three-year partnership between Helvetas and B2P in Ethiopia. The TRAIL Ethiopia program seeks to replicate Helvetas’ successful government-owned Amhara program in five additional regions, building the enabling environment to resource the construction of thousands of trail bridges and millions of kilometers of feeder trails in the country in the future and developing a global platform to share learnings and innovations. Through this program, there will be 150+ bridges built between 2022 and 2025, serving over 1.3 million people.

Emerging Program: Zambia

In February 2024, we launched our Zambia program, generously supported by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. This initiative addresses the critical issue of limited access faced by over 6.5 million Zambians residing in rural areas. Over three years, the project aims to connect over 65,000 rural Zambians while laying the foundation for a sustainable, government-owned rural access program. We’re currently finalizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Our existing Public-Private Development Framework (PPDF) partnerships are concentrated on two key technical working groups: Infrastructure & Construction and Transportation & Logistics. We’re integrating high return-on-investment rural transport projects into established programs by drawing inspiration from successful collaborations such as the Rwanda Rural Feeder Roads and Uganda National Roads Authority partnerships. Our initiatives include adopting standards, hands-on training sessions for government and private sector partners, comprehensive needs assessments, and prioritization efforts. Additionally, we’re gearing up for an April Fika Map Collect workshop with the government, enhancing our data collection capabilities and furthering our collaborative efforts.

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