Bridges To Prosperity

Our Impact

Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty. Bridges to Prosperity uses a community-driven approach and intelligent technology to deliver multi-dimensional impact to thousands of communities worldwide.

The Multiplier Effect

  • 5,500+

    access barriers identified

  • 29

    countries assessed

  • 9M+

    people without safe access

Trail bridges return 49% their cost in increased economic activity annually.

A simple intervention with a profound impact. If just 5% of the current ODA spend on transportation infrastructure in emerging and frontier markets were to be reallocated to trail bridges, tens of thousands of lives would be saved and over 250 million people would have access to fundamentally-improved health, income, and educational outcomes.

“The impact is huge. If it took one hour to cross a river, with a bridge, it takes 15 minutes maximum.”

Imena Munyampenda

Director General, Rwanda Transport Development Agency

Multi-Dimensional Impact

Trail bridges connect rural communities to critical services such as healthcare, education, and markets, which in turn, massively improve livelihoods and well-being across the board.