Bridges To Prosperity

Our Approach

We work with governments, the private sector, and other stakeholders to design, build, and maintain durable and cost-effective transportation infrastructure to connect the rural first mile to the world.

A tech-enabled, data-driven, community-led strategy

We collaborate and partner with governments and their constituents, the private sector, other implementers, and funders to maximize investments in transportation infrastructure, to create reliable safe access for the people who need it most.

Local communities are involved from the site identification stage, and our data practices and use of technology power programmatic improvements, advocacy efforts, and technical advisory service offerings that drive systems change and fill critical gaps in infrastructure program design and implementation.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

We collaborate because it works.


Local Partnerships

B2P works with local partners and end-user communities because local buy-in and ownership are critical to the success of our work and result in projects aligned with local needs and priorities. We work with stakeholders at all levels of government to understand critical gaps in rural transport planning and implementation, to deliver products and services that fill those gaps, and to build sustainable local capacity.



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Built to Last

Our bridges are built to sustain time, weather, and heavy use.

Durable and cost-effective design
We work with governments to design, build, and maintain durable and affordable rural bridges that provide safe access for generations. Our organization’s early years were focused on developing replicable and scalable designs that can be built safely in even the most remote environments, with little or no access to heavy equipment, and our technical advisory services continue to expand and innovate to create a catalog of climate-smart rural infrastructure. Our structures are designed to be resilient in a changing climate and are built with repurposed and locally sourced materials.


Technical inspection and maintenance
Local ownership for B2P projects isn’t just figurative: all assets are owned by local government entities, who are responsible for long-term inspection and maintenance. Our government partnerships and technical advisory services emphasize true project sustainability, working to integrate first-mile infrastructure into existing maintenance systems or address gaps in existing systems.

Data-Driven Mindset

Understanding data drives efficiency.

We use data and work with partner communities to determine where and how we work. By doing this, we improve the efficiencies of our programs and reduce the reliance on external, subjective factors.​


Our data improves our work.

Through lean data monitoring, we gather feedback from community members about the experience of building and using the bridge. This fast feedback loop informs future program decisions.​


Our data proves our work.

Using impact data, we can prove our work further. We find huge value in pairing the human experience with data to help our donors and prospective donors fully understand the impact of our efforts to create large-scale change.