On the other side: Nyarusange and Ngoma

It seems like just yesterday that we launched our One Bridge Campaign – a collaborative, team effort to share the story of our work and resiliency in an unprecedented global context. The way we came together is best summarized by our CEO & President Avery Bang -“It is like one giant hug, in a time of no hugs”.

The path to realizing Ngoma and Nyarusange, Bridges to Prosperity’s two longest bridges to date in Rwanda, has been a testament to the power of resilience in unprecedented circumstances. Thank you to the district of Muhanga and the district of Nyarugenge, for partnering in the construction of these two bridges providing nearly 8,000 people with year-round safe access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

These bridges were made possible by the union of public and private support, including generous contributions from government, corporate sponsors, and individual donors around the world. Unions like this are one of the many ways we are working together to build connections to better futures for thousands of people living in rural communities today, and for generations to come. We are so grateful for every contribution you make to our global goal. Enjoy the report,

With gratitude,

Team B2P

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