Avery Bang

Since joining B2P as a volunteer in 2006, I’ve worked alongside a growing team of leaders and game changers who, in partnership with isolated communities around the world, provide safe year-round access to education, healthcare, and markets through pedestrian bridge-building. Together, we’re connecting the rural last mile.

Abbie Noriega

As Director of Evaluation, I work to understand the impacts that our projects have in communities around the world.

Ann Cannella

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Alan Kreisa

I currently oversee all bridge design and technical development, quality control documents, and bridge inspections. I also support and train our Program Engineers and Bridge Corps Fellows in their roles in each program country. I am responsible for more than 100 footbridges serving communities around the world.

Annie Kennedy

I was drawn to Bridges to Prosperity following a year of travel through Southeast Asia, Canada, and the United States. During my travels, I quickly realized I needed to pair my love for marketing with my passion for people upon return to work. When I learned more about the deep empowerment that comes with access and met the team in Denver, I knew B2P was a perfect fit.