Fika Map: Identifying opportunity, increasing access, changing lives.

Bridges to Prosperity is thrilled to announce Fika Map, a tool suite that leverages leading-edge technology and data to bridge the data equity gap and transform rural infrastructure assessments, planning, and investment.

Fika Map is a suite of remote analysis tools used to locate where access resources are most beneficial using the power of machine learning. This platform will revolutionize how we perceive and interact with geospatial data, particularly in low-income nations. Fika Map identifies transportation barriers in rural, hard-to-reach regions by harnessing publicly available data.

We built Fika Map as an iterative, open-source tool to encourage the global adoption of best practices and empower government leaders and rural communities with actionable insights. Having instant access to critical information about rural access gaps and solutions will allow local decision-makers to allocate resources to build infrastructure where it will have the most significant impact.

To learn more about Fika Map, visit our preview page and sign up to be the first to receive updates on the release date, roadmap, beta testing opportunities, and more.