Corporate Partnership

Our Corporate Partners are key players in connecting communities through footbridges.

Creating Connection

Bridges to Prosperity partners with corporate teams around the world to build footbridges, creating connection amongst our partners and communities we serve. Our programs span cultural and geographical divides, bringing individuals together in the pursuit of inspiration, personal achievement, and global citizenship.

Corporate partners can become invaluable collaborators by sponsoring a footbridge for a community. Partnerships can be individually customized through level of sponsorship, fundraising campaigns, employee giving, and marketing.

"This type of partnership is an essential morale booster for a company. The experience of working with a team from all over the country in various practices and disciplines really does strengthen people's commitment to their company and gives them a bigger understanding of what can be done locally and globally.  It really is a win-win cause!"
- Michael Baker Team Member

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Partners showcase their values and company culture through their incredible support of our work.

Through sponsoring a safe, lasting footbridge with Bridges to Prosperity, our Corporate Partners can work towards fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and foster a culture of giving in the workplace that is sought after by valuable employees. Influential networking, employee engagement, recruitment and retention, and leadership development are all part of the strong return on investment.

"Our corporate partners have played a core role in the growth of our organization over the past decade. From providing an essential funding source for our programs, to elevating our construction and safety culture, the corporate program has been an immensely beneficial program for B2P, and has offered our corporate partners a way to showcase their values and engage employees. I am proud to be partnered with such an elite group of organizations, and look forward to where we go together in the years to come."
- Avery Bang, Bridges to Prosperity CEO

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