The Power of Collaboration

Our Vision

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Through bridge building programs around the world, we work with communities and partners to create safe access to opportunities in education, health, and the marketplace.

Collage of 7 photos featuring community members in Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Haiti

Building global partnerships

Bridges to Prosperity works with partners around the world to realize our mission. These relationships provide strategic ideas, leadership, materials, funding, labor, local insight, and countless other resources that make our work possible. We know that we are stronger when we work collaboratively, and are grateful for the wealth of passionate and knowledgeable individuals who share our vision of a world without poverty.


Community in Nicaragua

Working together for a common mission

Each B2P bridge stands as an example of the power of collaboration and global partnerships. Every bridge project is a combined effort of many teams and individuals working for the same objective: to create access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers.

collage of community members working together

Bridge inauguration

Inaugurating a new bridge is a celebration of many things: the end of many months of hard work, the successful completion of a an important community project, and most importantly, the new opportunities made possible through the power of collaboration.

Completing the bridge is just the beginning

Inauguration day symbolizes the beginning of a brighter future. For the volunteers who traveled abroad to build, the experience has opened their eyes to the power of community-driven development. For the families who will use the bridge, it means safe and reliable access to schools, health care facilities, markets and jobs, and through that access, an opportunity to thrive.