Guest Post: Empowering Women Through Building Footbridges

Author: Erin James, P.E.   Upon hearing of the opportunity to build a bridge in 2015, I was enthralled with the sheer wildness of the adventure. Not only would I be traveling to Africa with people I never met before, but I also would have the chance to be part of something completely unlike anything … Continued

Staff Spotlight: Mariale Rodriguez

Mariale was born to build bridges, both literal and metaphorical. She not only is extremely talented at what she does professionally, but her magnetic personality draws people to her. Mariale recently relocated from Panama, where she managed B2P’s program there, to Cochabamba, Bolivia. She now works as Bridges to Prosperity’s Industry Coordinator, which means she … Continued

The link between footbridges & women

Written by: Abbie Noriega, Vice President of Evaluation The first time I crossed a footbridge was in April of 2014. That’s not actually true, of course; before that, I’d crossed hundreds, maybe thousands of footbridges, but that day in April was the first time I had any sort of awareness about what it meant to … Continued

New Groundbreaking Partnership Launched in Rwanda

Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty. When farmers can’t access the market to sell their crops, they lose their income. When rivers flood and a student’s commute to school becomes life threatening, that student loses out on their education. If a mother goes in to labor, but cannot safely cross the river to … Continued

Staff Spotlight: Olive Bagwiza

Olive is a learner. She’s the type of person that wants to understand, to dig deep, and rarely does she take an answer at face value. This, paired with her natural curiosity and passion for people, are just a few of the many reasons why she is a perfect fit for our Monitoring and Evaluation … Continued

GII 2018: Inspiring Ideas – Building Bridges to Prosperity

In October 2018, Avery Bang was invited to speak at McKinsey & Company Global Infrastructure Initiative on how Bridges to Prosperity is working to connect the rural last mile through footbridges. See Avery Bang’s presentation from GII: Video Credit: Global Infrastructure Initiative by McKinsey & Company, see more “Best Ideas” here.

Ikiraro cya Tubungo Bridge 2016: Local Perspectives

In June 2016, a 10-person team from Flint & Neill and Balfour Beatty, two engineering firms from London, travelled to Tubungo, Rwanda in partnership with Bridges to Prosperity and the local community. Together, they built a 48-meter suspension footbridge, providing safe access to a community of 10,000. This is a record of the community’s engagement. … Continued