2019 Impact Report

A Significant Step Forward





Each year we produce an Impact Report for you, our community, that provides insight into our focus, transparency in our management, and recognition for the growing community of champions who help make our work possible.

In last year’s impact report, I spoke of Bridges to Prosperity’s ambitious but realizable vision –a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. In our Fiscal Year 2019, we took an important and significant step in making that vision a reality.

I invite you to explore our 2019 Impact Report and take a moment to share in celebrating the significant progress achieved. In times as challenging and as important as these, we must pause, sharpen our focus on what matters most, and move intentionally and strategically forward in partnership together to create the future we envision.


B2P FY2019 Impact Report


With thanks,

Avery Louise Bang

President and CEO

Bridges to Prosperity


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