One million people. Connected.

Today, one million people have access to opportunity they can count on.

What's in a number?

One million dollars. One million miles on an airline. One million followers on Twitter.

But one million people is more than that.

This one million means one million individuals who go about their lives in a new and transformed way. This one million is a mother who lays her head down at night and doesn’t worry as much about the future because she has confidence in tomorrow.

This one million is one million individuals with a new story of connection and opportunity due to a footbridge built by Bridges to Prosperity.

One of one million: Meet Venancia.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of such a huge milestone, and don’t get us wrong: we’re ecstatic! But we also recognize how important it is to take a look inward and to remember what we’re really doing here. For one million people like Venancia, their daily lives are changed.

The safety of her child getting to school across a river is no longer her first concern. Accessing the market during a flood is no longer looming in the back of her mind. Instead, opportunity has presented itself and a new story of security and success is being written.

We're creating connection for one million more people who have the right to safe access.

Join the Bridge Builder Circle, and become part of the movement.

The Bridge Builder Circle is a giving society of our most dedicated supporters, who pledge to continue their donation for three years.

Members of the Circle understand that bridges are more than simply transportation infrastructure: they are how we create transformational change within a community through connection to education, health care and economic opportunity.

We believe safe access is a human right.

Join us in ending poverty caused by rural isolation.