WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  We rely on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything from staff to office supplies.  These donors are some of our most dedicated as they support our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organization and our mission to support bridge projects and training around the world.

“There are others in the world that live in ways that make our problems appear small in comparison.”
Ken Frantz, Founder of Bridges to Prosperity

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100% of your donation goes directly to the field. A separate group of private donors fund the operating costs so you don’t have to.

We are a 501(c)(3). Gifts are tax-deductible

100% of your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, ID #54-2031102. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

You can mail a donation to:

Bridges to Prosperity, Inc.
1031 33rd St.  Suite 235
Denver, Colorado 80205
United States of America


Turn your unused frequent flier miles and rewards programs to support Bridges to Prosperity.

KULA is the world’s first global currency for charitable giving. Kula lets you redeem donation credits from unused rebates, and gift cards, and converts your unredeemed loyalty points & frequent flyer miles into qualified charitable donations.


Network for Good

Network For Good provided by Guidestar. A donation from North America can now be made through the secure Network for Good web site. Through the generosity of the Network for Good organization, we receive 100% of any North American credit card donation. No credit card fees are deducted. Us the convenient “Donate Now” link in the left margin.


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WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  We rely on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything...
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