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Fundraising Ideas

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The University of Iowa Chapter alumni set up a fellowship travel grant for current students to apply for travel.  See the B2P University of Iowa Chapter Emerging Leaders in Engineering Travel Grant.

Grant Opportunities

Let us know what grant opportunities that we missed. We’ll add them as we update this list.

AECOM’s Open Ideas Student Competition
AECOM Technology Corporation, a leading technical and management support services provider holds an annual contest in which student teams compete for thousands of dollars in prize money.

US Environmental Protection Agency’s People Prosperity and Planet awards
The US EPA’s P3 competition has two phases of awards for collegiate teams. In the first phase, winners receive $15,000 to develop their ideas and showcase them at the National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington DC each April. The most promising projects selected at the expo receive up to $90,000 to push their designs through prototype phases and into the market.

The Innovation Prize for Africa: Apply by Oct. 31
The UN Economic Commission for Africa and the African Innovation Foundation award African innovators and entrepreneurs. Awards go for new products and methods for increasing efficiency or reducing cost. The prize is also designed to promote careers in science, technology and engineering, and business opportunities that contribute to sustainable development in Africa.

She Will Innovate: Technology solutions enriching the lives of girls: Deadline August 15th
Intel Corporation and Ashoka Changemakers are awarding ideas to bridge the gender gap in technology access. The organizers are calling on tech innovators and catalysts for change whose efforts benefit girls and women.

The Power of Small: Entrepreneurs Strengthening Local Economies: Nominate by September 5th
Have an idea to help upcoming entrepreneurs and small businesses in impoverished regions? Here’s a contest for you. SAP and Ashoka Changemakers will award four innovators with $10,000, technology, apromotion package from SAP, and a technology donation to optimize performance and scale-up operations.

“If We” Challenge: Deadline August 10th
Dassault Systèmes launched its “If We Challenge,” named for the first two words that start a sentence explaining a solution: “If we do X, then we solve Y.” Winners can receive up to $15,000 in prizes from Dassault Systèmes for sharing their ideas.

Innovate the Future Challenge: Deadline September 30th
Lockheed Martin is awarding a total of $50,000 for ideas on how to make the world a better place. Innovate the Future is a global forum for sharing ideas. Participants are invited to submit their thoughts on a range of topics, includingthe need for sustainable energy, cyber security, and health care. Up to five ideas will win cash awards, including a $25,000 grand prize, a $10,000 second place prize, and three $5,000 third place prizes. The grand prize winner will also receive an incubation contract with the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute at the University of Maryland to develop the idea.

Empowering People Award: Deadline December 31st
Siemens Stiftung’s worldwide contest awards appropriate technologies for developing economies. The winning innovations will be low-tech solutions that work using local resources. The contest will also build a database of inventions for anyone to use. Empowering People offers €200,000 in prize money for 23 appropriate technologies.
The US federal government is crowdsourcing solutions to improve its operations both at home and overseas. The government posts a challenge and pays tens of thousands of dollars in prize money to the people who have the idesa that can fix their problem. The challenges are unrestricted and open to the public. Search the site for current challenges.

Grand Challenges Explorations
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awards $100,000 two times per year to projects that aim to solve the challenges the foundation has laid forth. Many of those challenges can have an engineering or a design solution that could interest the B2P Community.

The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development
The Odebrecht Organization, an international engineering and construction services firm, offers sustainable development awards to undergraduate students at accredited universities in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, the Domincan Republic and Angola. In the United States, the awards total $65,000 for papers on new sustainable building techniques, chemical processes, alternative uses of sustainable materials and so on. Check the site for details on the US award and links to information on the awards in the other six countries.

The $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation
The Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation supports technological innovation that improves the lives of impoverished people in the developing world. Eligible projects include those in health, shelter, energy, agriculture, education and ecosystem management. See the site for details.

TWAS prizes from the academy of sciences for the developing world
The Italy-based Academy awards several yearly prizes to scientists and engineers working and living in developing countries. Awards include eight prizes of US $15,000 to professionals in agriculture, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, math, medicine and physics who have been working in a developed country for at least 10 years; three awards of E7,000 offered in partnership with Microsoft to three young computer scientists in Africa whose research has positive potential on development; and another series of awards directed at scientific research organizations in developing countries.

Ashden Awards for sustainable energy
Ashden gives awards for innovation in sustainable energy in the UK and developing countries. Since 2001, the organization has awarded more than 100 projects with £10,000 or £20,000 and access to a support network. Apply here.

World Habitat Awards
The Building and Social Housing Foundation, a research organization in the UK, gives two awards of £10,000 each every year to support innovative housing solutions. The deadline for the next round of entries is Nov. 1, 2012. Apply here.

Global Development Awards
The Global Development Awards and Medals Competition recognizes innovation in research and development in the developing world. The organization has award $2 million since it began in 2000. Finalists win financing to travel to GDN’s Annual Global Development Conference to present their projects and designs. There, they can compete for grants.

Engineering World Health Design Contest
Multi-disciplinary innovation teams work with organizations in the global health community to pinpoint problems and solve them to improve the delivery of health services to the developing world. The teams compete for prizes of up to $5000..

Create the Future Design Contest
NASA Tech Briefs magazine founded the Create the Future design contest in 2002 to award innovation in engineering. Teams compete for $20,000. One of the categories that might interest B2P members is sustainable technologiesApply here.

IDEAS Competition and MIT Global Challenge
MIT has opened its competitions up to the non-MIT world, sort of. One-third of each team must be comprised of full-time MIT students. The Innovation, Development, Enterprise, Action, and Service (IDEAS)competition offers up to $10,000 per team each year for projects that solve problems in impoverished communities. The MIT Global Challenge offers up to $15,000 in prize money to teams with projects that can make a difference. The two contests accept proposals on the 5th of each month from October to March. See the site for registration details.

Crowdfunding sites 

Crowdfunding sites are a new trend in investment and charitable donation that make it easier to micro-finance a project or even gather large amounts of capital from small investments by thousands of people. The sites often pit ideas and projects against one another in a race to meet a funding goal. Many of the sites listed here come from articles at and Dowser.

FirstGiving helps non-profits raise money for their work. Also, individuals can mount fundraising campaigns for their favorite organizations.

At Kickstarter, entrepreneurs make their pitch to the crowd and hope for small investments from a broad base of people. Unlike the crowdfunding sites above, it doesn’t require the recipient to be a non-profit.

To raise money, you set a minimum amount that you will need to develop your idea, then you try to raise that amount through the goodwill of others on the site. If you don’t make your goal, you don’t get any money. On the other hand, sometimes projects raise more than their goal. Get started here.

IndieGoGo is a huge crowd-funding platform that has raised millions of dollars for more than 50,000 projects worldwide. It has deep international reach with projects funded in 208 countries.

Global Giving
Global Giving represents the charitable donation side of the crowdfunding trend. It vets a project and matches it to the interests of people who want to donate money. At Global Giving, non-profits can list their causes and race to meet a donation quota over the course of a month. The organization has helped non-profits raise more than $43 million in donations. Maybe your projects could benefit. Apply here.

Like Global Giving, StartSomeGood helps non-profits raise money from myriad online contributors, racing to meet a monetary goal by a certain deadline.

Kiva micro-loans
Kiva, based in San Francisco, collects money from online micro financiers and lends it as micro loans to people and organizations in need throughout the world. To take out a loan, connect with one of Kiva’s field partners, listed on their site. The field partners vet the borrowers, dole out money and collect repayments. To make a loan, visit the site for details.

Rocket Hub
Rocket Hub is a crowdfunding platform for emerging artists and entrepreneurs. The site employs its own rocketship-based lexicon to fund an eclectic range of projects, such as helping a band rent a bus to play in New York City, or building homes in a community in Jamaica.

Open Genius
Open Genius harnesses the brains and bank accounts of the worldwide crowd of people who are passionate about scientific research to vote for, vet and finance research projects. A key part of the project’s potential may be its founder’s mission to “separate garbage from good science.”

This new organization crowdfunds for Canadian charities.

Microplace, by PayPal, collects small investments (not donations) for projects that work to alleviate global poverty. It’s only open to US investors. Check the site for details on submitting projects and investing.

Some do-gooders with a kooky sense of humor designed this site to help the crowd raise funds for their favorite projects and charities. You can start your own fundraiser or join the campaigns of others.

Quirky fields ideas for new products from the crowd, then develops and manufactures the good ones. You can contribute your idea and invest in the development of other people’s products.

Raise money for your business, navigate legalese and find investors online at this crowdfunding site.

This new feature lets you put a button on your site that people can click and give you money. Your page could feature your project or design, for example, and if people want to support it, they click the button.

*source: Engineering for Change, updated 24 August 2012